About BSL Global BV & Logistics.

BSL Global BV is an independent and specialist in the complete provision of storage tank facilities and international shipping cargos. From the arrival of your products through vessel or pipeline route making it ready for export: BSL Global BV arranges it all with expertise and professionalism all area Netherlands, Russian. BSL Global BV has around 1,012,000 m3 storage capacity with ultra-modern systems well equipped with modern technology. BSL Global BV offers shipping services covering numerous regular trade routes, with over 600 voyages per annum translating to more than 22 million tonnes of petroleum products shipped yearly. BSL Global BV aim has always been to manage its fleet effectively and efficiently for customers’ value creation, and the development of enduring client relationships. We tailor our services to fit clients’ shipping needs, delivering solutions that are as dependable as they are innovative. BSL Global BV knows the logistics services areas of storage tank facilities and international shipping. Because of close collaboration with other logistics company Group, of which BSL Global BV is part, we see to a high occupancy rate of our storage facilities and trucks. Therewith we decrease the costs for our clients. But that is not all. The wishes and requirements from the market, quality control, and customs facilities are shared as well.


To consolidate the position of BSL Global BV as a reliable partner for the oil and chemical industry BSL Global BV focuses on continuous improvement. For long term continuity BSL Global BV will keep complying with customers demand by maintaining and upgrading her fleet to the latest industrial requirements.


BSL Global BV quality of service was also very much appreciated outside of Europe and within a short time span, BSL Global BV became well-known, with its storage services and ships sailing all over the world. Through the years BSL Global BV has built on its quality reputation by constantly keeping the fleet up-to-date, manning it with highly qualified crews and by tailoring its ships to the market in close consultation with the customer.


BSL Global BV Management specializes in short and long sea shipping of liquid chemicals and oil in bulk. The Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental awareness is the core value of BSL Global BV and makes her a reliable partner for the oil and chemical industry.